Blitz Control – Important information

Herpes Blitz Control is a break-through product of a decade-long scientific research. This product promises to provide healing the notorious disease that had victimized millions of individuals all over the world.

Herpes Blitz Control promises to treat herpes through its root cause. In fact, it even guarantees to treat not just one strain of the infamous disease, which are the HSV-1 and HSV-2 strains.

Herpes Blitz Control – How it works

Herpes Blitz Control is formulated with all-natural ingredients that alter the virus’ DNA structure to stop in from cloning itself and strengthen the immune system to find the virus. This alteration is within the virus itself and once found acts like a self-destruct switch.

Once the virus is found, the immune system fights it and stops it from reproducing any further. Once this process begins and continues successfully, you are freed from the sufferings brought by herpes.

Herpes Blitz Control and its Maufacturers

The one responsible for producing and distributing the Herpes Blitz Control is none other than Josh Parker. Having anchored his formulation from years of scientific research, Parker had already helped herpes-stricken victims to healing.

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He was a former Special Ops Combat Medic in the United States Army. Having learned of the damaging effects of herpes to a person’s life in general, he worked with experts to formulate the current Herpes Blitz Control.

Main ingredients

Herpes Blitz Control is composed of all-natural ingredients that are readily available anywhere – curcumin, quercetin, and reseveratrol.

These three ingredients possess the different characteristics that help eliminate herpes right to its core. Each of them has their own special contribution to the elimination of the said virus, one of these is an inflammatory element, another one boosts metabolism, while another one is an antioxidant.


Being anchored in scientific research’s long run, you can be assured that the ingredients, aside from being all-natural, are effective as it claims to be. Following the right dosage and partnering it with the right lifestyle, you can already feel the healing effect of it.

This medicine helps you get rid of herpes without undergoing major and complicated operations and other medications which can cost a lot. Also, you can be assured that everything you follow is parallel to your desired results, thanks to the electronic manual offered upon purchasing it.


Despite its favorable acceptance from many customers, one of Herpes Blitz Control’s disadvantage is that is it’s not available just anywhere. You have to make an online purchase to get your own and if chance meets you with it, you’ll have to wait for quite some time.

Another disadvantage is that, though it has a promising effect in store for its users, this medicine could not serve as a medical alternative for those who have been given and recommended higher medical attention or prescriptions.

Possible Side Effects

One pinpointed side effect of the Herpes Blitz Control is kidney failure. Given that there will be medicines in your system for quite some time, this is inevitable.

Some more of the side effects also include headaches, stomach pain, fatigue, diarrhea and even frequent vomiting. These side effects may be intense, depending on the tolerance of the person suffering.

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How is Herpes Blitz Control used?

Herpes Blitz Control, like any other medicine must be taken in with proper diet and lifestyle. To help you figure out which meals are good and bad for you, refer to the Herpes Blitz Control manual.

According to the manufacturer, one pill per day will serve efficiently for the patient. In the said manual, you will find different helpful tips and tricks to hasten and maximize the effect of the medicine.

Can Herpes Blitz Control be bought from Walmart or Amazon?

As of the moment, Herpes Blitz Control is available through online purchase made. Simply go to their website, https://herpesblitzprotocol.comand scroll all the way down until you reach the most bottom part of it.

In that part of the website, you will see a yellow tab for purchasing which also contains the price of the bottle you will buy. Once this tab is clicked, simply fill up the necessary information asked for order and delivery.

How soon will it take before I see any results?

Studies conducted in 2016 revealed that given the formulation of Herpes Blitz Control, the medicine will start doing its job of alternating the virus. After about 19 days, the patient will start to feel the effects of the medicine.

Sores will slowly fade, along with the other manifestations it might have. In addition to that, this effect time might also come in faster if the manual provided upon purchase was followed religiously.

Are people who have used Herpes Blitz Control happy with the product?

People who have tried Herpes Blitz Control have attested to the validity of this product. According to many reviews, it indeed lived up to its promise of giving them the healing they want the soonest time.

However, along with the healing effects, many have also attested to its side effects. However, despite these side effect’s presence, these were still bearable enough.

Does Herpes Blitz Control provide customer support?

Just as how you purchased the item, you can contact customer support through Herpes Blitz Control’s manufacturer’s official website,
. You may also contact the customer support through the Herpes Blitz Protocol Manual.

Aside from the dos and don’ts in taking the medicine in, you can also find answers for questions you might have in mind to ask the customer support.

Herpes Blitz Control – my final verdict

Considering its promising effects and very efficient use, Herpes Blitz Protocol is indeed a good and effective product to try. Despite the side effect, the all-natural ingredients make it all a little less dangerous compared with the side effects of other medicine as such in the market.

As for the price, it comes in a very affordable price to make herpes healing available for many and not just the well-off ones. Also, with the complete guide it offers you, you can also be guaranteed of a healthier lifestyle to live.