My name is Carl Collins. I grew up in a very conservative family and studied in an all boys’ school for primary school and high school. I had no exposure to any kind of sex education from those close to me. All I had was television and movies, which were pretty informative, but I do not really think it is enough to understand the repercussions of unsafe sex.

Once I reached college, I was obviously eager and uneducated about sexual interactions. So I was pretty irresponsible with everything. In my junior year, I started to hear some noise about proper sex education from a fellow schoolmate, Kyle Harrison. He was pretty passionate about spreading awareness about safe sex and the repercussions if you are irresponsible. I decided to approach him and take some steps forward because I did not want to get sick and I did not want to spread anything.

I always noticed some discomfort in my genital area but I never thought to think twice about it. I went over to their recommended clinic and found out that I actually had type-2 herpes of HSV-2. I was given the Herpes Blitz Protocol, which Kyle actually developed. The relief came almost instantaneously and it was gone after just 5 days. The next step was harder for me. I did not really know how long I have had the condition so I had to inform my previous partners about what I found. It was very awkward but towards the end, they were all thankful that I had informed them.

After my experience with Kyle and his company, Assure, I decided to join his education team. His company had two main divisions, product and education. Kyle saw this as the best way to eradicate minor sexually transmitted diseases in schools.